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Final Reflections

Planning IT: Enhanced Projects has come to an end. We have been exposed to various topics within the field of information technology and I must admit that I feel slightly more informed about IT than before the class began. I gained extensive knowledge about the use of blogs in the professional work place. I keep a personal blog so I have been exposed to how the blogging websites worked but I was unaware of the importance of using blogs in a professional sense.
The use of the Wiki was also a first for me, I had never even heard of a wiki being created for a class or for use on group projects. I remember when I first began undergrad, it was popular to create a yahoo group for every organization and group project. I suppose the use of the wiki is the next step. Everyone can create wikis to share and access information instead of clogging emails and dealing with creating the email lists to make sure everyone gets all the updated messages. Hopefully, I will get others to use a wiki on an upcoming group project.
I will be honest, I was looking forward to doing a little bit more web creating. I thought we would work on creating websites or creating other projects on the internet. The course was not what I had expected, but it was not a disappointed. Just a bit different.
I think it was cool that we also were introduced to the the technical side of the internet and other technology. I was not familiar with DHCP or IP but now I have at least an awareness of the terminology and I also can reference (as I noted in a previous blog) my terms whenever I have a question.
The most important thing gained for this class was an extended member of my network. Professor Sine as a professor and IT professional will be helpful in answering further questions I have about IT if I choose to use other types of projects in my assistantship at DASL or elsewhere.
In case anyone is wondering why this course is important (because the aforementioned learned materials were not enough):


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What is the best way for you to get information? What implications might this have for your presentation next week and beyond?

I know that I am a visual learner. I need to see everything in order to actually grasp it. It might boil down to being a physical/hands-on learner as well. In class, I take a lot of beautiful notes. If it is language based material I will write a lot of paragraphs that I can later memorize as mini-speeches. If the content is mathematical or equation based I will write the equation in different ways so I can understand it beyond its linear form (if it is presented that way, which textbooks usually do.

The funny thing is, just recently I was exposed to the following video:

This professor claims that learning styles are a myth. Its crazy how an education can challenge a belief about yourself and your own behavior patterns in less than 5 minutes.

How will this impact my presentation?
I believe that the key to disseminating knowledge is displaying that you (the presenter) not only know your material but are actively engaged IN it. Professors that not only love their field and are knowledgeable about its information but are engaged in embodying and bringing the information to life are the most interesting and often the most effective in getting the point across. It would be my personal goal to ensure that we (as a group) present ourselves as informed and engaging!

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Class October 1, 2008

This was the last formal class of Planning IT. I enjoyed the conversation and the exposure to information technology. This class session was focused on the technical aspects of information technology. We were exposed to alot of words, acronyms and terminology such as DHCP and IP. It was a challenge for me to understand the terminology. I had listened to both of the podcasts but kept I kept zoning out and thinking of other things no matter how “cool” Steve tried to make himself seem. Professor Sine informed us that we may need to know this in case we are in the position to make decisions regarding information techonology, it is important that we have some sort of background knowledge regarding the topic. At the very least, I will have a reference sheet that I can look at whenever there is a need for a consultant. Of this, I am thankful for the opportunity! Next week: Presentations!!

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Class September 24, 2008

This week we discussed how Americans used the internet. We talked about the various websites that are powered by used to share news, music, and other information. We discussed how online shopping has impacted the consumer realm of society. We discussed how news can happen and within seconds the entire world can have access to its content, can discuss what they think, and even post video or audio responses to the event. As I posted before, I had to write about which is a type of social news site. Other sites that students researched included, and We watched a number of video presentations that talked about how the rise in the popularity of internet has influenced society.

This performance on Def Poetry Jam indicates the discussion precisely:

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How close are we to the 2015 described in EPIC 2015?

For those of you who missed the world premiere, you can view it here.

Honestly, I think we are right on track to the 2015 described in this video. Due to the emerging global economy, the use of the internet has been imperative to contribute to this worldwide connected business humanity that has been sponsored by capitalism, perpetuated by materialism, and systematically supported by institutional racism, sexism, and ageism. The real question is, are we doing anything to show that we are weary of 2015? Are we wondering what the consequences of this economy will be? How will this lifestyle effect our children and are grandchildren? Do we even care? Are we so consumed by the ideals of 2015 that we cannot see it inevitability?

2015 is on its way.

What are we going to do to stop it?

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My Favorite Video from Egypt

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Special Topic:

The Newsvine Logo

This website is incredible. I should not be the least bit surprised that during the waterfall of do it yourself websites that a collective such as this exists. The premise of Newsvine is three fold. Of course, in the You-Tubing generation of the internet all parts of the premise involve me (or you… THE USER) to interact with the website by making it my own while simultaneously making it very super extremely public!




It is as simple as that.

Reading is indeed fundamental. – The site lends you to the opportunity of reading news from all over the web. Anything from CNN and MSNBC to ESPN and MTV.

Writing is a socially acceptable form of schizophrenia. – On the site, users can write their own news stories. Stories about local theater premieres, movie reviews, first baby steps… just about anything you can imagine.

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. – The site also allows users to feed stories from the internet to Newsvine so that others may delight in the changing political climate of South Africa, the rate of inflation in Zimbabwe, the potential crash of the North American economy or even the Packers loss to the Cowboys! All without having to write or publish their own news stories.

A little bit o’ history (Newsvine on

Seattle-based “Newsvine, Inc.” was founded in the spring of 2005 by Mike Davidson, Calvin Tang, Lance Anderson and Mark Budos. Josh Yockey joined the company a few months later, with Tom Laramee following in spring 2006. The development team consists of several veterans from the Walt Disney Internet Group and ESPN.

The company moved into its offices near Downtown Seattle on August 1, 2005 and launched into private alpha on December 1, 2005. On January 5, 2005, the site went into private beta, and then launched to the public on March 1, 2006. On October 7, 2007, Newsvine announced its acquisition by the news website, effective October 5, 2007. Since the acquisition, Newsvine has continued to run as a separate website and brand from, operating out of its original headquarters in Seattle.

Check and type “” in the Wayback Machine to see how the site has evolved over the last few years.

Thank you, Newsvine! You have just made the internet news realm a bit more interesting!

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All I can say is…


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Class September 19, 2008

I had a good time in class this week. The discussion concerning the article “Does IT matter?” sparked some interesting conversation about the role of IT in our workplace, futures, and general well being. It was interesting to see and hear how people got different interpretations of the same article.  I haven’t spent a lot of time reading articles that were featured on Harvard’s Business Review, but as an aspiring scholar, perhaps I will spend more time reviewing the literature they have to offer. Even though we only have to write on this blog once a week, it still is hard for me to maintain. The only thing close to a blog that I enjoy using is facebook. I appreciate the ease and the convenience of it. I do not consistenly write anything there but if things come to my mind it is usually the first place that I post something.

See you next week!

Here is a picture for your pleasure this week:

just because

just because

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In Class…

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